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The Downfall of ISO 9001 Easy Audits (PDF) ... [Read More]

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Out of Another @#&*% Crisis! Motivation through Humiliation
Lean ISO 9001: Adding Spark to your
ISO 9001 QMS and Sustainability to your
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Training/ Commentary Videos

Mike Micklewright: Creating a Leaner Quality Management System

Micklewright suggests applying lean principles to your quality management system.   …

Mike Micklewright: Lean vs. Preventative Action

Mike Micklewright asks why so many organizations that say they are practicing lean receive nonconformities related to preventive actions during t…

Mike Micklewright: Six Sigma vs. 7 Basic Quality Tools

Whiteboard  In this episode of Whiteboard, Mike Micklewright compares the value of Six Sigma to Kaoru Ishikawa's Seven Basic Quality …

Quality Road Show with Mike Micklewright: Norfield Industries—Part 1

Mike Micklewright visits Norfield Industries in Chico, California, in this first episode of the series.…

Quality Road Show with Mike Micklewright: Norfield Industries—Part 2

Mike Micklewright visits Norfield Industries in Chico, California, in this second episode of the series, Dan Bird of Norfield shows Micklewright …

Quality Road Show with Mike Micklewright: Norfield Industries—Part 3

Mike Micklewright visits Norfield Industries in Chico, California.   …

Viewpoint: Mike Micklewright

Commentary by Mike Micklewright. ISO 9001:2008 doesn't go far enough.

Profiles in Quality: Mike Micklewright, Part 1 of 3

This week, the first of three episodes with Mike Micklewright. In this week's episode, Mike discusses the importance of principles over style.

Profiles in Quality: Mike Micklewright, Part 2 of 3

This week, the second of three episodes with Mike Micklewright.…

Profiles in Quality: Mike Micklewright, Part 3 of 3

In part three of our interview with Mike Micklewright he compares continuous improvement to continual improvem…

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  • Development of a Lean Culture
  • Aligning Business Practices with Sound Principles
  • Lean Documentation Systems
  • Integrating Lean Into Your Quality Management Systems
  • Leadership
  • Proper Deployment of Gemba Walks
  • Visual Management
  • Leader Standard Work
  • Continuous Improvement – vs – Continual Improvement
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Systems Thinking
  • Mistake-Proofing, 5S, Quick Changeover
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • 5S’ing Electronic Folders and Files
  • Failure Identification and Prioritization
  • ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001
  • Internal Auditing
  • Advanced Internal Auditing
  • Internal Auditing to Support Lean
  • Management Review Systems
  • Preventive Actions Systems
  • Quality Planning

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